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Windows Internet Explorer 9 (abbreviated as IE9) is the current version of the Internet Explorer web browser from Microsoft. It was released to the public on March 14, 2011 at 21:00 PDT. Internet Explorer 9 supports several CSS 3 properties, embedded ICC v2 or v4 color profiles support via Windows Color System, and has improved JavaScript performance. It is the last of the five major web browsers to implement support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). It also features hardware-accelerated graphics rendering using Direct2D, hardware-accelerated text rendering using DirectWrite, hardware-accelerated video rendering using Media Foundation, imaging support provided by Windows Imaging Component, and high fidelity printing powered by the XML Paper Specification (XPS) print pipeline. Internet Explorer 9 also supports the HTML5 video and audio tags and the Web Open Font Format. Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 9 as a major out-of-band version that is not tied to the release schedule of any particular version of Windows, unlike previous versions.

Speak Support provides support for installation,configuration,updation and troubleshooting for Internet Explorer . We work diligently with our experts to make browsing experience of our customers at their best. We are also concerned with safeguarding the privacy of our customers so that any anomaly could be eliminated.

General Services Included are:

1. Installing of Internet Explorer .
2. Updating Internet Explorer .
3. Uninstalling Internet Explorer .
4. Troubleshooting Internet Explorer .
5. Ask for other Internet Explorer Help, Call Toll Free: 1-800-806-0768

General Problem with Internet Explorer :

1. My Internet Explorer is crashing whenever I try to run it.
2. Internet Explorer is showing SSL certification error every time I login in email account
3. Internet is not running on Internet Explorer but is running on other Browsers.
4. I am unable to install Internet Explorer on my computer/pc/laptop.

Speak Support values your precious time, we make great effort in our methods of identifying and eliminating your all computer related issues so that you could make the best of your technology.So just Call Toll Free: 1-800-806-0768 and we will be there to help you 24X7.

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